About the company
PPH "Magat" was founded in 1993. The company is located in Mielec in south-eastern region of Poland. Our core business is plastic injection molding. We specialize in the production of caps for aerosol cans, both steel and aluminum, with different diameters: 35mm, 45mm, 52mm, 65mm. Our main customers are companies from the cosmetics industry and manufacturers of technical aerosol products. .
Particular attention is paid to our business modernity. We observe global trends in the field of production using injection methods and introduce them in our system. Plastic thermoforming is performed using hot-channel injection. This system ensures zero waste production. The entire production process is automated and requires only a small amount of supervision. Computer control of the production and approved raw materials guarantee a very high quality of our products. Each received batch of materials is provided with a certificate of quality. Most common used materials are polypropylene, polyethylene and ABS.
The offer
Our offer is intended for manufacturers of aerosol containers, with the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, automotive, as well as plant protection products and other industries.